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Pre-recorded videos by our 2020 authors and speakers


Here's what our speakers talk about:

The Romantic Novelists Forum


Bella Osborne leads a conversation with fellow authors Phillipa Ashley, Madalyn Morgan and Lyndsay Woodward about their work and approach to writing.

Alex Larman

Alexander Larman is an author, biographer and journalist whose new book, The Crown in Crisis, is a revelatory account of the abdication crisis, using never-before-seen documents and letters. Larman discusses his discoveries and what they tell us about 1936 - and how they relate to contemporary events.

Dr Ben Lamb

Ben talks about his book 'You're Nicked' - a witty analysis of the most popular TV police dramas of the last few decades, showing how they were influenced by policing strategies and society issues at the time.



Julia Tedd

Julia Tedd explores why some children struggle to learn to read.

Julia’s research has shown that some children struggle to learn and understand slightly more complicated grammar structures. This can lead to confusion and misinterpretation in everyday life and in education (especially subjects such as science when understanding hypothetical scenarios is essential).

Julia has written two story books to help children become familiar with these structures from an early age, in a fun and engaging way. She hopes that as many children as possible will enjoy Night-time Cat and Box Cat at home and in school, which will help them to reach their potential.

Anna Lawrence

Anna talks about her book 'Ruby's Spoon'.

Anna Lawrence Pietroni  was born and brought up in the Black Country - the setting for her book, 'Ruby's Spoon’.

Anna writes with conviction about Cradle Cross, home to buttonmakers and canal folk, and bounded by canals, grief and superstition. Caught within this web is motherless thirteen-year-old Ruby, who dreams of escaping the soot and smoke of her home-town.

Hugh Warwick

Hugh talks about Hedgehogs and his books, mostly about hedgehogs...

Brian Pollitt

Bookbinder Brian shows the more common damage books suffer and takes us through typical repair processes - edited highlights of course - watching someone sew a whole book isn't that exciting!

There will be a number of before and after shots as well.

Southam Heritage Collection members

Their short film presents both authors and volunteers talking about the books and other merchandise  available to buy from the museum.

Children's section

Julia Tedd 

Julia reads from her books Night-time Cat and Box Cat.

Graham Jones

Graham talks about Time Travelling Toby, firing a musket and signalling with flags.

Sam Langley-Swain

Sam reads his book 'What Wesley Wore'  

Did you know, a group of weasels is called a confusion?

All the weasels in Westburrow Wood are supposed to follow the rules and fit in.

So, imagine their confusion when they meet Wesley, a wacky weasel, who is obsessed with clothes!

As the other weasels plot and protest against Wesley, readers will be eager to find out what happens, in this heart-warming story about acceptance. 

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