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Some of our live Q&A events were recorded and have been uploaded for your enjoyment.

Andrew Davies

Kit de Waal

The Romance Panel Authors


Brian Pollitt (opens in YouTube)

Schedule for Live Q&A events with our speakers

Tuesday October 13th @7:30pm - Romantic Fiction Forum


This event will be chaired by Bella Osborne and will feature fellow authors

Phillipa Ashley, Madalyn Morgan and Lyndsay Woodward.

Wednesday October 14th @7:30pm - Ben Lambe

Ben will take questions on his book 'You're Nicked' - a witty analysis of the most popular TV police dramas of the last few decades.

Thursday October 15th @7:30pm - Julia Tedd

This Question and Answer session with Julia Tedd has been cancelled but you can see Julia's video about why some children struggle to learn to read. Go to the Event Schedule tab then select videos. Apologies for the change of programme.

Friday October 16th @7:30pm - Alex Larman

Alex will take questions on his book 'The Crown in Crisis: Countdown to the abdication of Edward VIII'

Saturday October 17th @4pm - Brian Pollitt

Following his video on book repairs, Brian will take questions from people who have treasured books that have been damaged, and would like to know if they could be repaired and made functional again (subject to image quality on Zoom!).Bring your book along, & if you've signed into Zoom on your mobile, we can look at your broken books and assess whether they can be, or should be, repaired.

Saturday October 17th @8pm - Anna Lawrence

Anna will take questions on her book 'Ruby’s Spoon’ - a novel set in the Black Country.

Sunday October 18th @4pm - Kit de Waal

A question and Answer session with Kit de Waal, author of 'My Name is Leon' and 'Trick to Time' 

and editor of 'Common People’

Sunday October 18th @8pm - Andrew Davies

Andrew will take questions on his screenplay for the recent BBC drama 'A Suitable Boy' adapted from the novel by Vikram Seth.


The sessions will be hosted in Zoom and will be limited to 100 participants.

Booking is essential and can be made via this link to Eventbrite or search Eventbrite for Southam Book Festival.

Most of the world seems to have Zoom now, but if you don't, you can download the app for free at the Zoom Download Centre

We are a charity, run by volunteers, and the costs of putting on the festival come entirely from donations, sponsors and flash fiction entry fees, which also pays for the prizes.

If you enjoy what we are doing and would like to see it continue, please consider making a donation if you can, no matter how small.

If you would like to contribute, just click on the JustGiving logo here and you will be taken to our page.


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