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These lovely writers and publishers will be exhibiting at Southam Book Festival.

Come and meet them and browse their books. 
Even buy if the fancy takes you. 

S C Skillman  -   Psychological, paranormal and mystery fiction and non fiction


Rugby Café writers  -  Various fiction genres


Terry Daneshyar  -   Fast-paced high fantasy adventure


Sharon Bradshaw  -   Historical Fiction, poetry,  storytelling


Andy Donaldson     -   A hilarious new superhero -  for young adults.


Penny Freedman  -   Crime novels


Steve Cunningham -  Inspiration and motivation


Chris Burleigh    -    Poetry and humour


Julia Tedd      -   Books for younger readers


Marilyn Pemberton  -  History and fairy tales for adult readers


James Vollmar     -   Poetry, plays, and a memoir


Howard Collinson  -   Calligraphy


Graham Jones  -  Stories from history with a twist for younger readers.


Beercott Books  -  Publishers


Southam Heritage Collection  -  Custodians of Southam records and artifacts, the group has published over a dozen books relating to the history of the town


Brian Pollitt  -  Artisan Craftsman restoring much loved but damaged books

Spencer Rheams  -  A new writer for children 4 - 10 

Coventry Writers Group -  A variety of genres

Gillian Oliver -  Pre-loved hardback book

Kenilworth Books - Fiction and non-fiction for children and adults