We are just starting to take bookings for this year's festival;
- as well as a few regulars, we intend to have plenty of new talent as well.

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Charley King - Author

Mr Blinking appears to have everything:  money, status, successful businesses,  even a football team, but when he accidentally meets up with a very plucky mouse called Molly in his shop everything changes.


Molly threatens to expose Mr Blinking to the Mice Mafia when he tries to make her homeless and reveal his selfishness on social media if he carries on being motivated by greed.


Molly wants to help the refugees in Mr Blinking’s trainer factory but haunted by his parents Mr Blinking resists being helped and fights tooth and nail to carry on living his selfish life.  Molly isn’t having any of it.

Charley King was born in Buckinghamshire, England. As a child, she was an enthusiastic amateur gymnast. She loved books and her favourite three were 'My golden book of animals', 'Tim Mouse' by Judy Brook and 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,' by Roald Dahl. After leaving college she worked as a PA during the cold war for the Ministry of Defence and carried on working as a secretary until she left work in 1993 to look after her adopted son. Charley's imagination started to grow when she created her kitchen garden and noticed all the little creatures in her vegetables and flowers. The first story she wrote was about a ladybird that lived in her garden. Since then in her everyday life stories spring into her mind and she can't wait to get them down onto paper. After writing her first story Charley decided she wanted to illustrate it so she joined her local art group of which she is still a member today. Charley uses watercolour paints for her illustrations and describes on her website how she creates them.


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BeerCott Books - publisher

Beercott books is an independent publisher of craft and theatre related books. Based in Warwickshire, close to Leamington Spa and the Shakespeare town of Statford-upon-avon, our aim is to provide readers with quality books by passionate authors.

Beercott books was founded in 2017 by husband and wife team Kerry and Simon. The name is a combination of names from their ancestors – Beer and Medlicott, and the logo is a combination of animals from the corresponding coats of arms.

Kerry has a passion for all things craft (but especially knitting), and Simon a passion for theatre.

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Brian Pollitt - Bookbinder & Repairer.

Brian's passion is to breathe new life into books that are of personal value and have precious memories associated with them, as well as creating new books to capture new memories.

What books do you treasure? -Typically they are family bibles, granny's cook book, children's books, photo Albums.

Such well-loved books are often damaged from use over the generations or just by accident. You may be afraid to use such books for fear of further damage but worry not - most can be returned to at least a safe-to-use functional condition and many can be restored to their former glory.

 If your book is too delicate or valuable to repair, then it can be protected by making a custom-made clam-shell box to protect it.

For books you want to keep in good condition, slip cases are great way to protect them.

You may have a collection of papers, photos or memorabilia that need collating into a dedicated binding to keep them together and protecting, or maybe a story you wrote as a child and would like it binding into a book – pretty much anything is possible if you have the imagination.

Bring your books along and Brian will examine the damage and explain what can be done to bring them back to life, whether it is a repair or designing a completely new binding to your requirements. He can also provide a guide to its value.


There will also be some of Brian's most recent new bindings, including blank notebooks for sale. For the practical types, there will be some journal kits if you want to have a go at making one yourself.

Brian is a book repairer and restorer who focuses on books of personal value, rather than

conservation of books with historical significance and high commercial value. This started off

as a hobby some years ago after having some old family books passed to him. Having worked

with a number of bookbinders to develop his skills, word of mouth has got around and now

has enough work coming in to keep him out of mischief.

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Georgina Jeffery - Author

The Jack Hansard Series

An urban fantasy series with a wide streak of humour and a lot of British folklore. Jack Hansard, occult salesman, turns reluctant detective when his mythical merchandise is stolen and becomes embroiled in a supernatural kidnapping case. Trolls, Shellycoats, Kelpies, and even the legendary Phoenix won't stop him from chasing the elusive thief... right into the jaws of danger.

Dark Folklore

A dark fantasy series of short stories reimagining old myths in modern settings - from a seductive troll granting wishes in the Norwegian wilderness to an aging dragon tended by a conscientious grandma in Poland. Pop by Georgina's table for a chance to win an eBook copy of these stories at the festival!

Georgina will have signed copies of her books for sale alongside a range of fantasy-themed goodies. She's looking forward to meeting people at the event and would love to chat about your favourite books, folklore, and everything in-between.

Georgina Jeffery is a speculative fiction author based in Shropshire where she writes in frenetic sprints during her daughter's nap times and very late into the night. Her stories blend elements of fantasy, humour and horror, and tend to reflect her interest in mythology and folklore from around the world.

Georgina's work can also be found in a variety of journals and anthologies including The San Cicaro Experience, The NoSleep Podcast, Unbreakable Ink, and Copperfield Review Quarterly.



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Chris Burleigh - Poet

My first collection, Particles of Light, was published in 2017 and has been well received. It’s such a great feeling when you get good feedback and review comments, or when somebody chooses to take home a copy of your words from a bookshop. That’s communication!

My new collection, Intersecting Lines, is published by local indie publisher Beercott Books. It continues to reflect my interest in people, love, the natural world, and the human condition, and is written very much with the reader in mind. I hope readers will enjoy reading my poems, and will feel I am putting their own experiences and emotions into words. 

So what’s this with the ‘Chris M L …’? Well, when it came to publishing, I wanted to be uniquely identifiable as the writer of my poems. A quick search revealed 69 ‘Chris Burleigh’s on LinkedIn, and over 400 in US Yellow Pages. My parents thoughtfully gave me two middle names, and using them makes me unique in this World!

I have been writing poetry all my life as my response to scenes, situations, people and emotions. Over the years, as parenting took up less time, poetry took up more. I joined writers’ groups, and started entering poetry competitions with some success. I have been published in anthologies by Fish Publishing and Indigo Dreams. These days, as the pandemic permits, I read at open mics and local literary events, and give talks about my poetry to community groups.

Chris's author page on Amazon.

Beercott books author page

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